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Humans Outside

Dec 30, 2021

Almost ready for the new year? If you’re itching to kick-off a new habit -- maybe one of going outside every day -- or re-energize an old one, you need help from habit expert Sarah Hays Coomer.

Sarah Hays Coomer has written a new book about keeping habits. Hear Sarah talk in this “best of” episode about the how of building a habit and the power of figuring out what you need, where it fits in your life, how to keep it going and the power of nature in all of that.

Some of the good stuff:

[2:22] Sarah Hays Coomer’s favorite outdoor space
[3:23] How Sarah first connected with the outdoors
[6:21] Why it’s important to go outside especially when you don’t want
[8:40] About Sarah’s book, The Habit Trip: A Fill-in-the-Blank Journey to a Life on Purpose
[9:28] How to create a habit
[13:15] How to know what you need
[18:45] How going outside impacts creating a habit
[22:35] What is a habit reward?
[26:14] The practice of creating a habit
[31:39] How does developing a habit help you create more?
[35:47] A few great tips for creating habit
[40:57] Sarah’s favorite and most essential outdoor great
[42:37] Sarah’s favorite outdoor moment

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