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Humans Outside

Jun 30, 2020

Listen in as Amy recaps the first season of Humans Outside and gives you the lowdown on how you can keep up with us even during our summer podcast break!

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Jun 25, 2020

There’s something about working with the earth, about hearing the birds sing and about producing in the sun. It’s more than just the physical labor, says this week’s guest Peter Scott, it’s about creating and being a part of something bigger.

Peter Scott can’t talk about a lot of what he did and saw while in...

Jun 23, 2020

You probably know that “solstice” marks the shortest or longest day of the year. But did you know why it’s worth celebrating?

In this Outdoor Diary, Amy talks about Summer Solstice and why it matters so very much. Listen now!

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Jun 18, 2020

Stephanie Puglisi and her family want to make traveling a part of their lifestyle, but with twin infants, the idea of tent camping seemed kind of crazy and staying in hotels was just super stressful.

Enter: RVing. Stephanie and her husband Jeremy changed their entire lives by investing in an RV and making traveling,...

Jun 16, 2020

You know those moments in the outdoors where you’re standing on the cusp of things going very, very wrong? That was the beginning of Amy’s weekend adventure when her son, Dave, briefly went missing. 

Hear the drama and all about Amy’s outdoor time last week on this episode of the Humans Outside Outdoor Diary.