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Humans Outside

Jul 28, 2022

If you have a kid or have been a kid, you’ve probably heard or uttered this phrase at some point over the summer. And even as adult, you may have lingered over the feeling of boredom, then quickly pivoted to something like picking up your phone or switching on the TV to ease that discomfort.

In this ‘best of’...

Jul 26, 2022

We do our best to roll with nature’s punches, but we’re definitely not ready for this warm, sunny and green relationship to be over. It’s only July, after all. But when push comes to shove, perhaps the ticking clock is inspirational. Listen now.

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Jul 19, 2022

Things are going summer crazy here at Humans Outside as we milk every hot second we can from the season. That’s why this week we’ve only got two things: one suggestion and one ask for help. Listen now.

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Jul 14, 2022

As a part of our annual summer break, we’re re-publishing some of Humans Outside’s best episodes. This one certainly qualifies.

When Amy started her daily outdoor habit in 2017 she had no idea there was a whole world of others already tackling an outdoor effort of their own, formed around a different idea known as...

Jul 12, 2022

How do you know where a good adventure stops and something that’s just not worth it starts? And can you tell when you’re avoiding something because it’s uncomfortable or if you’re avoiding it because it’s miserable and unnecessary, unrewarding suffering?

Those are the questions Amy is asking this week as she...