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Humans Outside

Jan 13, 2022

When we talk about going outside every day, we usually mean in the daytime. But what if heading outside after dark for a little stargazing is just the boost your outdoor habit needs?

Vicky Derksen, host of the Night Sky Tourist podcast and a stargazing enthusiast joined us for this episode to talk about something...

Jan 11, 2022

It’s easy to head outside when the weather is great. It’s even easy to plan to be outside in future bad weather from a seat on a sunny, warm day. But what do you do when the weather rolls in and, suddenly, you’re faced with having to actually do it? A recent two-day wind storm with gusts up to 75 mph had Amy...

Jan 6, 2022

It’s easy to know you want to make a change or even what kind of change you want to make. But how can you create a habit that actually works for you? How do you know the right actions to take to make that habit sustainable long term?

The answer might just be found in mindfulness and knowing enough about who you are...

Jan 4, 2022

The New Year offers a natural starting point for launching a new challenge -- and has Amy reflecting on all the ways heading outside daily has changed her life. Now registering for the Humans Outside 365 Challenge can offer you a dose of extra motivation to make it happen.

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Join the...

Dec 30, 2021

Almost ready for the new year? If you’re itching to kick-off a new habit -- maybe one of going outside every day -- or re-energize an old one, you need help from habit expert Sarah Hays Coomer.

Sarah Hays Coomer has written a new book about keeping habits. Hear Sarah talk in this “best of” episode about the how of...