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Humans Outside

Nov 18, 2021

If you’re trying to establish or maintain an outdoor habit around kids, big or little, you know the struggle is real. And it’s especially difficult when the weather starts to get cooler or more challenging. How do you motivate kids into getting out into nature when they (and likely you, too) think staying inside sounds warmer and easier? And how the heck do you dress everyone?

Sara McCarty - mom, attorney and outdoor lover - knows a thing or two about getting kids outside. She’s gotten so good at it that she created a website and a podcast on the subject, Run Wild My Child, so she can share her tips and tricks with all of us. And we’re really lucky that she joined us on Humans Outside to share those tips here, too.

Some of the good stuff:
[2:51] Sara McCarty’s favorite outdoor space

[4:03] How Sara became a person who likes to go outside

[7:26] Who are we really going outside for?

[8:44] How Run Wild My Child got started

[13:19] Advice for parents who are having a hard time getting outside

[18:15] Helping kids work through outdoor hesitancy

[32:14] Is there a secret to keeping track of kids’ gear?

[38:14] Kid gear advice for specific weather

[45:19] Most essential and favorite outdoor gear

[48:23] Sarah’s favorite outdoor moment

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