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Humans Outside

May 26, 2022

When school is out and so is the sun, it can feel like a waste to spend the day inside. But soaring temperatures can make getting outside just seem so hard -- especially if you’re trying to take children with you for more than just some fun in the backyard.

How do you get outside with kids in the heat, avoid the meltdowns -- literally and figurative -- and have an enjoyable and enriching time?

Adventure mom India Tate makes a lifestyle of getting out for adventures with her two little boys. And since she lives in Atlanta, Georgia, she knows what hot looks and feels like. In this episode she shares her best tips and tricks for making it through hot adventures with her family.

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Some of the good stuff:

[2:44] How India Tate became someone who likes to go outside

[6:12] How she started getting her kids outside, too.

[8:35] Mini golf league?

[10:24] Keeping kids cool through what they wear

[14:57] Keeping it cheap

[16:40] All about shoes

[18:00] We are strongly pro-snack

[23:40] Tricky water and hydration

[27:27] Getting ready for that hot weather

[32:48] Tricks for hot summer day fun

[38:40] How to get ready for all kinds of heat

[44:19] Favorite outdoor gear

[46:57] India’s favorite outdoor moment