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Humans Outside

Dec 2, 2021

Here at Humans Outside we practice getting outside every day for 20 minutes no matter the weather -- and that means sometimes we go outside when it’s wet, cold or otherwise not that pleasant. Sometimes we go outside when the weather is bad.

But if you’ve never had an outdoor habit or spent a lot of time outside in the winter, then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by what some folks think of as the basics, like what kind of jacket to wear or how to keep your hands and feet warm.

No matter where you live you’re likely to at some point face what you see as less than ideal weather. Cold is relative to your experience, whether you’re in Alaska or in Florida. So how do you know what to wear?

The good news is that learning how to dress for cold weather is basically the same wherever you are. What largely changes is how much you wear or the thickness or warmth of your choice.

Mollie Foster is an Alaska-based guide and outdoor author. Her guide company, Traverse Alaska, helps all sorts of people get outside, and her book, Hiking Alaska, tells others where to go.

In this highly practical episode of Humans Outside that originally ran in late 2020, Mollie tells outdoor-lovers what to wear for going outside and how to dress for cold weather.

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Some of the good stuff:

[2:26] Mollie Foster’s favorite outdoor space

[3:40] Mollie’s outdoor story

[7:03] Why outdoor attitude matters

[9:50] The most important advice for dressing for cold weather

[13:13] Why cold is relative

[16:22] How to know what is right for you outside

[23:32] The power of the wind layer and the vest

[27:32] Down vs. synthetic

[29:44] The glory of The Pants

[31:57] How to keep cold hands warm

[39:26] How to keep cold feet warm

[45:18] The glory of the face buff

[48:05] Keeping kids warm outside

[49:00] Mollie’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear

[51:22] Mollie’s favorite outdoor moment

Find full show notes: