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Humans Outside

Jul 13, 2021

Have you ever stopped to think about the stories you tell yourself about who you are in the world -- or about how they change how you approach time in nature?

Amy’s been thinking about how her perception of herself as “not that outdoorsy” has hindered her ability to enjoy nature as much as she could be. Hear about her journey to this point and why confronting these internal narratives matters. Connect with Humans Outside:



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Some of the good stuff:

[:30] A fact about Amy you might not believe

[:40] What’s been on her mind

[1:30] The story of who she used to be

[2:43] Luke’s attempts to get Amy outside (not good)

[3:15] What got us outside

[4:15] What happens when you like something too much

[5:22] Humans Outside’s original tagline

[5:32] Why Amy has trouble seeing herself as outdoorsy

[5:45] Why this matters